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Magnetic Sweeper

  • Magnetic Sweeper With Release Handle
    Magnetic sweepers can clean or sweep iron chips, nails, bolts, nuts etc from the garages, walkways, yards or aisles of factory or home. Collected debris can be easily emptied by release handle. Specifications:
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  • Magnetic Catcher
    Simple design using stainless steel tube, strong permanent magnet, central long steel stem with plastic handle. Magnetic catcher can catch or remove iron bits from liquid, powder, granules or grains easily. Specifications:
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  • Magnetic Sweeper With Release Lever
    Magnetic sweepers can clean or sweep iron chips, nails, bolts, nuts etc from the garages, walkways, yards or aisles of factory or home. More convenient to release the iron bits by pulling the lever than common magnetic sweepers. Specifications:
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  • Magnetic Pick-up tool
    Magnetic Pick-up Arm feature a Strong Neodymium Magnet in the tip. They supply strong picking force to snap up various metal parts. Magnetic Pick-up Arm is your perfect helper for picking up nails, screws, scrap metal, bolt, spanners, shears, etc from garage floors, work areas, and hard to reach places. Magnetic Pick-up Arm has long adjustable steel handle and prevent injury and loss during working time. Magnetic Pick-up Arm is very strong, durable and lightweight. We supply different models for different application.
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  • 3- Magnetic Catcher
    Magnetic catcher owns large attraction, easy to operated with a manual handle to attracted and released iron or  steel chips. Its works in temperature 80 degree Centigrade.
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  • 2- Magnetic Catcher
    Magnetic Catcher is very power and easy-use it is designed for fast, efficient collecting, sorting, and separating small ferrous materials. Magnetic Catcher features an easy-to-grip metal handle for load-release during working process. Magnetic Catcher has a lightweight magnetic canister which is used to pick up ferrite parts. Magnetic Catcher picks up nails, screws, nuts or any small metal objects with the powerful magnet. Then, you move the joined metal objects to your intended places and release them from Magnetic Catcher by pulling the metal handle. Magnetic Catcher is permanent magnetism .
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  • Magnetic Hang-Type Sweeper
    You can customize the size of magnetic hang-type sweeper from 18" to 50". There are strong magnets inside magnets inside magnetic sweeper,  and there is Load-Release lever in the magnetic sweeper. Magetic hand-type Sweepers are very powerful to collect ferrite pieces on the graound very easily. Magnetic Hand-type Sweeper is simply to hang on your vehicle and sweep your whole roads, parking place, airport and more places.   Specifications:
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